I’m tired and all I want is for you to be here with me.
T.B. LaBerge // The Novel of Us (via stevenbong)


I know this is cheesy but thank you for loving me. You don’t ever ask me to wear make up, you say I look beautiful always. You don’t care what clothes I have on, I could wear sweat pants and u still tell me I look good. Even if I have mood swings or we go through a tough time you don’t ever give…

When I’m in a relationship.


I don’t want that break up, get back together type shit. No. We fight, we gonna work it out. 

We’re gonna fucking work shit out.


This post has been featured on a 1000notes.com blog.


This post has been featured on a 1000notes.com blog.

gotta rant

These feelings aren’t expressible in words. All i have to say is that i love you and i didn’t want this shit to happen. I want to make you happy! Its so hard for me and I don’t want to say its because we live in different worlds but we really do. I wish i understood you more, but some things just don’t make sense to me. I’m so far from perfect, i want to be your perfect one. Yeah i fucked up. Judge me how you want with these mistakes. But this is how i learn, i’m going to grow from this. So you shouldn’t think negatively on me, i can be a better person than i was before. And i expect a better person from you too. I just want to take you out for dinner and movie but idk if thats happening anymore. We’ve gotten through bigger hills than this so why should we stop here? I love you so much but if you really want to be single and live freely it’s your choice. All i want to say is that my life would be so much more colorful with you by my side….i think thats it for my rant. I could say more but i hate typing. I do math. Do work. Do twerk. fml idk what i’m doing anymore. wtf am i doing here. Arlington…..i truly wasted a year here. ruined my life real good. whatever i’m sorry i disappoint everybody in my life, maybe it would have been better if i didn’t…nvm man fuck rants they put me dark places. anyway s/o to my roommate andrew i know this is random but i feel bad that he has to room with me. I’m messy as fuck and I know my shit bothers him haha. Sorry i’m so lazy man lol. shit i ended up typing more. ok end of rant for real. Peace errbody take it easy. 







Every time it appears on my dash.

I will reblog it.

So simple yet so clever

it kinda scares me…

I wonder how many hipsters reblog this not realizing it’s doctor who

^ Shit I actually thought this was from Catching Fire cause of the whole arena being a clock thing..

me too oh shit